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"Our son Brodie was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with Apraxia and had the speech level of a 15 month old.  Prior to meeting Meredith, traditional speech did not work for Brodie. Brodie started working with Meredith at 3¾ years old using PROMPT therapy. Within a few sessions Meredith was able to find Brodie’s voice. Words cannot describe the joy I felt listening to Brodie talk during his sessions. Meredith gave us hope! Brodie now has the chance to have a bright future. Brodie has worked with Meredith for nine months and together they have increased Brodie’s speech level to a 2½  year old. We are so grateful to Meredith for all she has done for Brodie by giving Brodie a foundation for speech. Because Meredith has reasonable prices and accepts insurance she gave us the means and the hope that enabled us to give our son the help he needs. Our family will be forever grateful to Meredith!

Thank you"

~Tim & Michele (parents)


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"My son just turned 3 and he's non-verbal but has some spontaneous language. He started working with Meredith in the spring and she is AMAZING!! Prior to meeting her I never even knew that there was such a thing as "PROMPT" therapy, let alone what an impact it would have in my son's life. My son has worked with many SLP's, but Meredith is the only one that can truly get him to talk! My son was verbal until he was 16 months old and back then he called me "Mom" or "Mama", but when he lost language I also lost my "name" (which was sad and hurt a great deal). Anyhow, yesterday afternoon he jumped up in my lap, held my face in his little hands, looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said "Mom Mom!" It was a MasterCard moment and it was PRICELESS!! With each passing day he's gaining strides and his "spontaneous" language is beginning to have meaning again, which is HUGE! Meredith is so patient, loving, and attentive when she works with him that it seems to make him want to talk and I can't thank or praise her enough!!! :) Meredith has what I call a "special gift" and I really believe that being an SLP is truly her calling. I find that her philosophy and approach are completely different than most SLP's, which is probably one of the reasons that children seem to take to her so well." ~ Lorena, parent

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     Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your hard work you have done with our son.  Thank you for your advice, and your ear.  We hope to see you throughout the summer.


Nichole"  ~ Parent


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"I did want to thank you for doing the workshop for the ECCS.  The feedback from those that attended can be summed up in 3 words- IT WAS AWESOME!!!  I personally feel it was the most informative and practical workshop I have been to in a long time.  It was nice to offer something different from the usual workshop topics that we do- literacy, math, science or behavior.  The info you provided can be incorporated to any area of the curriculum and to any part of the typical preschool day.  It was the first speech and language workshop that I have been to that I felt didn't throw out a lot of "technical stuff" that made the person sound smart but no one could relate to.

We are definitely going to have you back next year.  Thank you for your time and the awesome presentation!

Take care!


~Nan Sheridan, Director of Village Green Nursery School, Southington, CT


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Here are some responses from the workshop. 

-Great presentation!  Loved the handouts and real-life examples!

-Very informative!  I learned a lot, thanks!

 I will definitely contact you for future workshops!


~Sue O'Donnell, The School for Young Children, Saint Joseph's College



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