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Group Therapy
ready set articulate
write right
lunch bunch

Ready, Set, Articulate!

Does your child have difficulty producing certain sounds?

They’ll have a blast in this fun-filled articulation group!  

Learn new games and make crafts while improving speech-sound production.

Groups based on age & target sounds 3 children/group max.

Tuesdays/Wednesdays 4-4:45

Ages: 4-6, 7-10

Begins: TBD

Rate: Insurance accepted, or private pay: $50/session   Duration: 8 weeks

Write Right!

A co-taught (OT/SLP) program designed for beginning writers or children experiencing breakdowns in underlying writing and literacy skills. A combination of intervention approaches including Brain Gym, Lively Letters and explicit handwriting curriculum will be used. Sensory motor, fine motor, visual, and postural concerns will be addressed as needed.
Ages: 4-7

Begins: TBD

Rate: Insurance accepted, or private pay: $480 paid in full

Duration: 8 weeks

Picky Eaters Lunch Bunch

Does your child have a limited number of foods they’ll eat?

Do they avoid certain textures or refuse to try new foods?

Let us help with small-group feeding therapy, or talk to us about scheduling

an individual session! (max 3 children/class)


Ages: 4-6, 7-10  We recommend individual sessions for children under 3

Begins: TBD     

Rate: Insurance accepted, or private pay: $50/session

 *families will be asked to provide food

ABCs of Fitting In

(Adapt, Balance, Cope)
During this 8-week class, your child will learn aspects of social participation (i.e. conversational skills, transitions, flexibility, winning/losing, and compromising). Strategies for emotional regulation and self-soothing and coping will also be taught. Principles of SCERTS model, Social Thinking Curriculum, and the Amazing 5 Point Scale will be utilized.

Appropriate ages: 5-10 yrs (groups formed based on age)   Duration: 45 min    

#of Sessions: 6
Cost:  $40/group  

Dates: Call Missy to schedule (860) 798-8638

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