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Our process

Step 1: Intake
Getting to know your child & you!

During the intake process, we will gather information from you to help us accomplish several goals:

  • Understand your concerns for your child's speech & language development

  • Determine whether a screening or evaluation is needed

  •  Consider which assessment protocols are appropriate based on the child's language functioning and age

  • Verify insurance coverage/limitations* 

            *It is the responsibility of the insured party to understand the coverage benefits, limitations, deductible                  and coinsurance amounts associated with the health insurance plan.

Step 2: Evaluation
Learning your child's strengths and needs
Step 3: Therapy
Fun and functional contexts help build skills!

We offer different service delivery options for every child: 

  • Weekly or biweekly sessions based on need, availability and cost/insurance limitations

  • Individual or group based on skills to be addressed

  • Play-based sessions are designed around your child's strengths, needs, interests with family input.

Therapy doesn't end when our session is over:

  • Your child's therapist will provide you with tips, tricks and carryover activities to support your child's skills at home!

  • Carryover strategies are discussed at the conclusion of each visit

  • We collaborate with other providers to ensure continuity of services and strategic interventions

A comprehensive evaluation may consist of: 

  • Standardized assessments that compare your child's language profile to that of their same-aged peers.  Various assessments target different areas of language: receptive, expressive, articulation, phonological skills, social/pragmatic skills, and motor-speech system.

  • Language Sampling to get a baseline of language functioning and/or determine overall intelligibility. 

  • Parent report in conjunction with a case history 

  • Teacher/School report where appropriate

  • Developing a Therapeutic Plan of Care that addresses areas of need revealed during the evaluation.

Step 4: CarryOver
Learning beyond the therapy room!
Step 1 Intake
Step 2 Eval
Step 3 Therapy
Step 4 Carrover
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